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sonic-jump-fever-apk-download-droidapk-1Sonic Jump Fever + Mod 11/26/2016
steampunk-syndicate-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Steampunk Syndicate v1.0.4.0 + Mod(unlimited money) 01/10/2017
demon-angel-sakura-apk-download-droidapk-orgDemon Angel SAKURA vol.2 -The Spirits of Hell 11/18/2016
implosion-never-lose-hope-apk-droidapk-orgImplosion – Never Lose Hope (Full Version) + Mega Mod 12/20/2016
cosmos-robocop-3d-apk-download-droidapk-orgCosmos RoboCop 3D: Star Robot Wars 09/18/2016
icon=130xPlants War (Offline) 12/20/2016
Derby destruction simulator Apk Download (1)Derby Destruction Simulator v1.06 + Mod (unlimited money) 01/16/2017
doodle-army-2-mini-militia-apk-download-droidapk-org-2Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia + Mod(free shopping) 12/10/2016
Reckless Racing 3Reckless Racing 3 07/19/2016

vainglory-2-0-0-apk-download-droidapk-orgVainglory v2.1.0 – 47197 01/19/2017

Vainglory-9Vainglory-6Vainglory-7Vainglory-4Vainglory-8 Vainglory-5 Vainglory-3 Vainglory-1 Vainglory-2

Vainglory – choose one of the heroes and take part in dynamic team battles on well made maps. Use skills of your heroes and allies. Immerse into a fantastic world of endless war in this Android game. Battles take place in colorful locations with roads, forests, etc. You have a variety of characters, different in their combat style and skills. In addition, you control a party of warriors. Fight other players, create your own strategy for victory. Defend your base, destroy enemies.

hungry-shark-world-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Hungry Shark World v1.8.2 + Mod (Unlimited coins/diamonds) 01/19/2017

hungry-shark-world-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-1hungry-shark-world-android-apk-download-droidapk-org hungry-shark-world-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-6hungry-shark-world-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-2 hungry-shark-world-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-3 hungry-shark-world-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-4 hungry-shark-world-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-5

The stunning sequel to Hungry Shark™ Evolution is here! The Sharks are back, and this time they are taking on the entire WORLD!

***THIS GAME IS ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH devices running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or above.***

Take control of a very Hungry Shark in this action packed aquatic adventure. Survive as long as possible by eating everything that gets in your way!

• Console quality, 3D graphics
• 21 shark species in 7 different size tiers to collect. Play as sharks spanning the nimble Hammerhead shark, up to the iconic Great White Shark!
• Rise through the ranks of the food chain and level up your jawsome pal to bite harder, swim faster and grow HUNGRY…er!
• 3 beautiful, huge free-roaming worlds to explore: Pacific Island, a lush, sun-drenched tourist hot spot. Arctic Ocean, a frozen wasteland, home to a secret military base and heavily guarded testing facility. And the Arabian Sea, a rich and vibrant, if not, industrial landscape.
• 20 different mission types to master including high scores, specific prey hunts and survival!
• 100’s of enemies and prey to consume: whales, submarines and locals, BEWARE!
• Equip your sharks with stylish Accessories and special Gadgets; no shark is complete without headphones, umbrella and a freakin’ laser beam!
• Unlock a variety of Pets to boost your predatory powers. baby sharks, octopus and even a feisty turtle are all happy to help in your adventure.
• Combo bonuses, Gold rush and MEGA GOLD RUSH to boost your hi-scores.
• Find all Hungry Letters to trigger the insane Super Size PowerUp!
• Google Play Leaderboards and Achievements enabled.
Capture and share great videos with Everyplay.
• Use Facebook to synchronise your progress across your GPdevices
Hungry Shark World is regularly updated with new features, content and challenges to keep you coming back for more!

This app contains In-App Purchases which allow you to buy Gems and Gold currency which can be spent on upgrades and accessories. Gems and Gold can also be collected in game without requiring purchases.
This game contains advertising.
Advertising is disabled if you make any purchase.

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deer hunter 2017 apk download (1)Deer Hunter 2017 v4.0.0 + Mega Mod 01/18/2017

deer-hunter-2016-1deer hunter 2017 apk download (1) deer hunter 2017 apk download (2) deer hunter 2017 apk download (3) deer hunter 2017 apk download (4)

Here comes another sequel to the super smash hit Deer Hunter, first it was Deer Hunter 2014 and now its jumped to 2016 with lots of new animals and scenarios to enjoy.

Pursue trophies in unique and beautiful locations that span the globe from Alaska to Zimbabwe.

Hunt animals so real they nearly jump off the screen! Track down and bag the world’s most exotic and elusive game.

Develop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master the skills to take the perfect shot.

Take down predators before you become the prey.

Compete for bragging rights and bag the biggest animals with Game Center achievements and leaderboards!

Collect and customize your firearms with scopes, magazines, barrels, and stocks as you perfect your weapons for each hunt.

What’s New

Underwater Spearfishing – Introducing an all-new way to hunt!
• Explore a mysterious new world – Dive into the Great Barrier Reef, Red Sea, Caribbean Basin and other exotic areas
• Hunt 100+ new species – Encounter menacing sharks and rare and exotic fishes
• New weapons and equipment – Upgrade your gear, adapt to underwater physics, and shoot your biggest bounty yet!
• Immerse yourself in this incredibly detailed and exciting new gameplay experience!
• New holiday themed event and weapons

WorkeMon Apk Download (1)WorkeMon v1.0.5 Mod (unlimited coins/ruby) 01/18/2017

WorkeMon Apk Download (4)WorkeMon Apk Download (2) WorkeMon Apk Download (3) WorkeMon Apk Download (5) WorkeMon Apk Download (6)

This game is for the people who dreamed to be the best PokeMon trainer in the world when they were young.

“WorkeMon!” is a business simulation game where you get to experience the life of a rich CEO, running a company you inherited from your rich father, the owner of richest business in the world, “Gold Spoon Group”.

You can play the game for free.
Enjoy your rich life in the fantastic WorkeMon world!

You can become the first rank heir for “Gold Spoon Group” by defeating all of your 8 siblings, or become the WorkeMon master by catching all 151 WorkeMons!

Whatever you want to do, you are going to be the very best! Like no one ever was!

“This game is fiction. It has nothing to do with real life.”

Blood Knights Apk Download (1)Blood Knights v1.2.83712 + Mod (1 Hit Kill/God Mode) 01/18/2017

Blood Knights Apk Download (3) Blood Knights Apk Download (4) Blood Knights Apk Download (1) Blood Knights Apk Download (5) Blood Knights Apk Download (6) Blood Knights Apk Download (2)

You are a Blood Knight, bound by blood to your inner Fiend. As you Hack & Slash through dungeons of minions, with epic Bosses to stand in your way, fill your Rage and transform into 1 of 5 different Fiends to unleash your true power. With an extensive Single Player campaign, several Multiplayer modes, a deep Skill/Customization progression, Blood Knights will keep you addicted.

Play BLOOD KNIGHTS and experience:

● Experience PC/Console quality right on your mobile.
● Play through Dungeons, Take on Quests, Visit Towns, and more.

● Unleash your true power with your Inner Fiend.
● Level up 1 of 5 Fiends and deal massive damage when you need it most.

● Customize every slot, including your Demon Wings to truly stand out.
● Enhance Skills and Runes for massive combos.

● Fight Player vs. Player in the Arena and climb the Leaderboard for Rewards.
● Co-op Dungeons let you team up with your friends and share awesome Rewards.

● Guilds! Dungeon Crawl with your Guild and take on Bosses together.
● Guild Wars – See whose Guild reigns supreme.

● Epic Story mode, take on Trial challenges for loot, take on all kinds in Inferno mode, and defeat bosses to climb the Demonic Tower for rare items.
● Earn Titles to showcase your glory and achievements in battle.

Blood Knights offers you a true MMORPG experience, with intense Hack & Slash action, deep customization, a ton of Multiplayer and Single player gameplay, all to keep you addicted for a long time to come.


Hero Revolution 3D Apk Download (1)Hero Revolution 3D v2.2 + Mod (High damage/defense) 01/18/2017

Hero Revolution 3D Apk Download (1)Hero Revolution 3D Apk Download (4) Hero Revolution 3D Apk Download (5) Hero Revolution 3D Apk Download (2)

A combination of classical collectible card and RPG game in a new legend!
Join us and fight as a hero!

● Classic Japanese-style RPG

Long story short, Hero Revolution creates a world of Magic & Love for Japanese culture fans and offers a creative game mode.

● Social & Mobile
Play Hero Revolution with your Facebook friends and both of you will be awarded!
Team up with friends all over the world and challenge the Boss!

● Features:
+ Introduced the challenging tournament format in Arena
+ Pet collection originated from various dragons and other legendary existence
+ Recruit Servants as companions throughout the war against evil
+ Unique and powerful Fashion sets make you stronger
+ Innovative Co-op & PVP system enable you to practice with friends for the championship

oceanhorn-apk-download-droidapk-orgOceanhorn™ v1.1 + Mod(full unlocked) 01/18/2017

oceanhorn-apk-downloadoceanhorn-apk-download-droidapk-org-1 oceanhorn-apk-download-droidapk-org-2 oceanhorn-apk-download-droidapk-org-3 oceanhorn-apk-download-droidapk-org-4 oceanhorn-apk-download-droidapk-org-5


You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone…
The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious necklace. What happened?

Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets. Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures which will help you on your quest. Use all your wits and skill to unravel the mysteries of ancient kingdom Arcadia and sea monster Oceanhorn.

Oceanhorn combines captivating storytelling, breathtaking 3D visuals and exciting gameplay into one massive action adventure experience you will never forget.

Enjoy an incredible soundtrack from the best video game composers in the world:
Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy*) and Kenji Ito (Seiken Densetsu*)

Master the game effortlessly with accurate touch controls or controller.

Please Note: Oceanhorn is a free to download premium game with a single in-app purchase to unlock the full version.
You can play the first chapter for free and test it on your device first.


* Customizable Graphics Settings
* Requires 1GB RAM

– Music from legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito
– 10+ hours of story driven gameplay.
– Master magic and swordfight
– Find ancient items to help you on your quest
– Game Services Achievements
– Accurate Touch Controls

machinarium-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Machinarium v2.3.1 Full 01/18/2017

machinarium-android-apk-download-droidapk-orgmachinarium-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-6 machinarium-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-5 machinarium-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-4 machinarium-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-3machinarium-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-2 machinarium-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-1

A remarkable and atmospheric quest, developed by Amanita Design studio. Mashinarium – cities, whose amazing inhabitants are covered with rust and became permeated with a smell of oil. The whole city lives at the expense of one big and difficult mechanism. All residents have their cares, and none of them notice how a small robot is broken down by local hooligans in a gate. And fascinating adventures of the small robot in a big megalopolis begin, in an anger rush he wants to find his offenders and to teach them to politeness. The game doesn’t contain remarks or dialogues. Instead of them a system of animated “cloudlets of thoughts” is used. One more difference from other puzzle games – it is possible to stretch and compress a body of the character and to click only on those objects which are in a zone of your reach.

Captain Galaxy Sky Force 2016 apk download (1)Captain Galaxy: Sky Force 2016 v1.14 + Mod (unlimited money) 01/18/2017

Captain Galaxy Sky Force 2016 apk download (1) Captain Galaxy Sky Force 2016 apk download (2) Captain Galaxy Sky Force 2016 apk download (3) Captain Galaxy Sky Force 2016 apk download (4)

Engage players will be joining in Captain’s sky force (squadron) to travel through planets and fight against the dark sky forces of space- who intended to invade our planet. Captain’s fighting force is much diversified in spacecraft, players will control the craft from simpler kinds to more complex.

★ Try to eliminate all enemies space battleships and complete the missions with your modern squadron force:
★ Collecting modern items in the space combat: Gems, Gold, Speed up.
★ 3 unique assistance:
– Rocket
– 2 mini space battleships
– Invulnerable mode (other space battleships can’t hit and shoot yours)


There is a vast myriad of Space Battleship and aircraft in Captain Galaxy: Sky Force 2016. Collecting all of them for space battles. If you are a fan of Chicken shoot games, we are sure that you will be infatuated with them.


★ Collecting 10s of ultimate space battleships and aircraft each with their own unique battle style
★ Using swipes and touch to control the spacecraft, avoid and dodge magma bullets, and destroy the enemy. Try to be the best space shooter of galaxy war
★ Take on 100s of missions in this space fighting game, quest your way through a thrilling story-line.
★ Collect these items, the new weapons for better support during game play.
★ Rational uses of protect shield, spacecraft reinforcements, and destructive bomb to deal with the bosses. It’s a tense galaxy war, so be careful. Upgrade your squadron now to survive in space battle
★ Daily login on game for interesting gifts
★ Gameplay is addictive
★ Spinning lucky wheel for more gold and gift
★ Online gift: three minutes online game, you will receive 100 gold
★ Daily missions/quests for you to complete: Share game one Facebook or Twitter (receive 2 gems ), Opening online-gift twice.
★ Achievements are recorded, easy to track
★ Capture screenshot- easy to share unique moments
★ Stunning graphics, amazing sound effects that will make you feel like real galaxy combat
★ Coordinate strategic battles with vast myriads of different combinations of space battleships features and skills.
★ Transform and change your space battleship and squadron with huge upgrades and abilities power statistics
★ Conquer and join the galaxy fights with Captain Galaxy: Sky Force 2016 right now!

critical ops apk download (1)Critical Ops v0.6.4 + Mod (can go invisible) 01/18/2017

critical ops apk download (3) critical ops apk download (4) critical ops apk download (5)

Critical Ops is a fast-paced FPS that will test your reflexes and tactical skill. Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare as you fight a critical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim to cause destruction as a terrorist.
Fight for domination alongside your friends, or show the world your skill by leading the individual scoreboard.
Join the competitive combat in the most skill-based portable FPS!

**Game currently in Alpha phase**
Critical Ops is still under development, but you can download and play the game now!
We will keep working on the game continuously to fix bugs, improve optimization and add a ton of new features and content to the game!

New Map: Grounded!
New Skins and polishing few existing skins!
CT Hand Model
Grenades Models and animations
Host menu remembers settings
Loading icon when ads are processing
Show medals as spectator
Scoreboard updates ping
Bureau minor update
Disabled friendly collisions
Replay Tutorial
UI Tweaks
Turkish support
Pause+Scoreboard deadlock
Android guest login
Bureau death by jumping
Super90 animation issue
CT Bomb spotting bug
TDM clock when joining
Fixed various crashes


the-sims-3-apk-download-droidapk-org-1The Sims 3 v1.5.21 + Mod (Unlimited money) 01/09/2017
rpg-elemental-knight-apk-download-droidapk-orgRPG Elemental Knights(3D MMO) 09/16/2016
storm-age-apk-download-droidapk-orgStorm Age + Obb 09/15/2016
pokemon-revolution-apk-download-droidapk-orgPokemon Revolution Online 09/21/2016
vainglory-2-0-0-apk-download-droidapk-orgVainglory v2.1.0 – 47197 01/19/2017
dawn-of-titans-apk-obb-download-droidapk-org-1Dawn of Titans v1.12.2 12/12/2016
Crusaders Quest Apk Download (1)Crusaders Quest v3.2.4.KG (God Mode & 1 Hit Kill) 01/12/2017
battle-island-apk-download-droidapk-orgBattle Islands v2.3.6 + Mod (unlimited money) 01/09/2017
youturbo-apk-download-droidapk-orgYouTurbo 1.4 10/16/2016
marvel-mighty-heroes-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Marvel Mighty Heroes v2.0.11 + Mod 01/11/2017
realm-of-valor-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Realm of Valor v1.14.1.1 12/02/2016
asterix-and-friends-apk-download-droidapk-orgAsterix and Friends 09/16/2016